Detention centres for unruly drivers

Also known in Chinese as 交通违法拘留所. It might sound as a joke but it isn’t. The first detention centre for those who break traffic regulations opened in Chongqing on May 28. In other cities, such as Beijing, those who violate traffic regulations are detained together with all those who have been sentenced to administrative detention (xingzheng juliu) under the SAPL (Security Administrative Punishment Law). Here is a picture of a group of drivers undergoing education at a public security detention centre (juliusuo)

And this is a picture of drivers detained at the Jiaozuo juliusuo

The Chongqing “transportation detention centre” can “accomodate” 350 people. When asked why those breaking transportation laws could not be detained together with all those responsible of public security violations, a local official explained that establishing a separate detention facilities had two advantages:

1. All those breaking traffic rules could receive education together. Avoiding contact with other detainees would also reduce the chance they get wise in the ways of crime

2. Detention in a separate facility is needed to receive legal education (!!!!)

This detention facilility is managed by the Chongqing Transportation Squad 交警总队, and has been established in the same premises of the Chongqing N. 1 administrative detention centre. Detainees are exempted from manual labour. Some more bits and pieces of information are available here and here.

2 thoughts on “Detention centres for unruly drivers

  1. Hi Flora,There was an article on the Procuratorial Daily of the 20.02.08about the treatment of a driver caught drink-driving (see: The article said that in normal situations administrative measures shall be taken, but in the case reported the unfortunate driver was sent to the kanshousuo. The author questions whether that was an illegal measure taken by the police, whether that was the norm for drink-driving or whether that was just a wrong report. Do you think there could be any relationship with the current measures taken?Elisa


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