Local official murdered

As media attention was focussing on the Olympics, the upcoming CL amendments and the Tibet earthquake, this news received less coverage.

Cai Jianmin, the man wearing the red shirt in the picture below, was the deputy chairman of Xianyang (Shaanxi) political consultative conference. He was found dead in his house on August 23.

Born in October 1949, Cai spent most of his career in the art bureaucracy. News about his murder could not be found on the Xianyang people’s government homepage. Shaanxi provincial government’s webpage reposted a terse communique about the murder. Journalists who were trying to visit Cai’s work unit – the Shanghai Nationality Academy of Painting 上海民族画院 – were told by local officials that the academy could not be found.

It is not the first time that a local politician is killed.

In February this year, Wang Zhiping, Hohot party secretary, was killed by the director of a local public security bureau.

In January 2007, one local official in Shanxi was killed by a colleague during a fight. In the same month, in Guangdong a local official was hammered to death by his superior. Two years ago in May, a deputy chairman to one political consultative conference in Shanxi died a violent death too.

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