Anti-pornography campaign to be launched in early 2009

A terse communiqué issued yesterday by the Central Political-Legal Commission (China’s public security watchdog) has announced the launch of yet another saohuang dafei 扫黄打非 movement.

The movement will take place prior to the Spring Festival (beginning on January 26) and the Second Session of the 11th NPC (March 5).

Saohuang aims at cleaning up pornographic publications, while dafei targets illegal political publications. This nation-wide anti-pornography campaign will target the press, the internet and major communication and transportation highways, to stop the spread of harmful publications from abroad (境外有害出版物). Inspections will take place in major commercial streets of big cities, communication hubs, travel and vacation spots, marketplaces etc.

The saohuang dafei is coordinated by the National anti-pornography leading group (visit website), and implemented by local anti-pornography offices (as this one) at bureaus of news publications (visit).

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