Ktunnel: a tool to bypass internet filters

Just became aware of this tool. It’s called Ktunnel (http://www.ktunnel.com/), and is used mostly by Turkish internet users to bypass internet censorship.

The website interface is in Turkish, however Ktunnel is not difficult to use. Just type the URL you wish to visit in the box at the bottom of the page

and start browsing. Ktunnel allows you to remove cookies, scripts and to hide your referrer information. You can also bypass the blocking of MSN, AIM, Yahoo and Google talk. I’ve quickly tested it on a few of sites and on two different computers (Vista and XP OSs), and all of these functions worked very well. Given that this is a proxy website (part of the Free Proxies network), at times navigation can be a bit slow.

Connections re-routed through anonymous proxies are logged by the server as follows:

Anonymous Proxy (xxx.xxx.xxx.75)

Ktunnel reroutes your connection through proxy servers some of which are located in Chicago, Illinois, so your connection is logged this way:

Fdcservers.net (xx.xx.47.170)

[Quick facts about internet censorship in Turkey: MITPresslog, Written question to the EU Commission]

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