Open days to be held in three Sichuan prisons

Following an initiative that took place in Henan last October, three prisons in Sichuan province will soon hold open days.
An experiment took place in Jinjiang prison, which held an open day on January 17 (picture on the left). Then, yesterday 171 visitors were admitted to Chengdu prison.

Local media reported that they could tour most of the prison facility included its textile factory.

Yang Bin, the director of Chengdu prison, stated that prison open days will be held regularly.

Besides inmates’ relatives, slowly journalists, entrepreneurs and ordinary citizens will be allowed to take part to “prison tours”.

Visitors will be allowed to see only some parts of prisons facilities. Most likely, these will comprise prison-owned factories, hospitals and shops.

In 2009 open days will be held on an exprimental basis by Jinjiang prison, Mianyang prison, and Sichuan female prison (see picture on the right. By the way, the person in the picture is not me).

Below: Mianyang prison, aerial view. Courtesy Mianyang prison


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