Another story of ordinary violence in a kanshousuo

This case has been dubbed as the Heilongjiang “hide and seek” (躲猫猫) case, as it took place in Shijiazhuang.

Qin Yingwei, a suspect rapist, suffered devastating and permanent physical damage after undergoing a rather unusual form of water torture, which was practiced on him by a cell boss. (I don’t describe the technique they used – it was very low-tech by the way – because to some it may be disturbing)

Qin was tried in a district-level court and found innocent, but for him it was too late – now he suffers from high blood pressure and glaucoma. Public security organs gave his family more or less 6.000 yuan, seemingly to avoid that they petition higher-level authorities.

The story has made it to the press, and now the same Renmin Ribao article is being reposted all over the web. (1.780 results on Google).

Will this case elicit a public outrage as the hide and seek case did? I doubt it, but let’s see. I’ll explain why later.

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