FLIA wins China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs research award

On March 8, 2016, at a time when amendments to the Foreign NGO Management Law and the Charity Law were being debated by the Chinese and Western media and scholarly communities, the Ministry of Civil Affairs issued a call for research proposals on the theme “The Construction and Governance of Chinese Social Organizations” (中国社会组织建设与管理) .

The call attracted submissions of research reports from 422 institutions for higher education, research institutes, departments, civil society organizations,  local government organs, and more than 2,500 scholars. After a rigorous short-listing process, and a blind peer review, the Ministry of Civil Affairs chose 65 research reports for publication in mainland China.

I am happy to announce that the research report produced by the Foundation for Law and International Affairs was one of the reports to be awarded a third prize, together with reports prepared by the China University for Politics and Law, and the Ministry of Civil Affairs Centre for Policy Research. The report was authored by Zhu Shaoming, Zhang Aisi, Wang Keren, Shan Gao, Larry Catà Backer, and myself.

The report’s cover page and index are reproduced below.



(一) 社会组织走出去的内部政策环境

1. 党的领导

2. 法律体系


1. 外国对于中国社会组织的不同看法

1.1 正面看法

1.2 方面看法

- 案例一: 美国科学促进会于中国科学技术协会的国际合作

- 案例二: 爱德基金会海外办公室

- 案例三:沃尔玛抗议活动

- 案例四:中国红十字会

2. 欧盟于美国社会组织国际化研究报告

1. 欧盟社会组织的国际化

2. 欧盟社会组织国际化的法律机制

3. 欧盟社会组织国际化经验总结

3. 美国社会组织国际化

1. 法律框架

2. 政策支持

3. 美国社会组织国际化经验总结

4. 一代一路张略下的社会组织

1. 建立求同存异的价值体系

2. 社会组织走出去的内部支持

3. 社会组织周出去外部协调


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