What is REACH?

REACH is an independent and non-partisan platform dedicated to creating and sharing knowledge about the key global dynamics that involve China, and to curating internet content.

Why “REACH”?

REACH   is the anagrammed acronym of China Research and Analyses.


Respect. {respectus} Keeping in due regard the entitlements, needs, wishes and feelings of others, regardless of their race, rank, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, health status or gender identity.

Empowerment. {im + pouair} Working together to develop and act on our own intellectual authority, and using intellectual authority to represent our views in a responsible way, thereby increasing our degree of autonomy.

Autonomy. {αὐτο + νόμος} Willing one’s own actions, nurturing the capacity of rational individuals to make informed and un-coerced decisions.

Communication. {communicatio} Exchanging knowledge, know-how and information across disciplines and countries, through all available avenues, channels and formats

Harmony – {合一} The simultaneous arrangement of different chords, instruments, and voices to produce a feeling of intellectual satisfaction or enjoyment.